Dragon Lair, Basement 10- simply known as DB10- is an essential chapter in your progression right after GB10 and TOAN. So why is DB1O a vital part of any Summoner’s War Career? Well, this stage is imbued with highly sought after violent runes as well as other precious varieties such as the guard, shield, endure, revenge and focus rune sets. Moreover, the place is littered with pieces of the Symbol of Transcendence which will help you craft more runes.

The core of your DB10 team
Belladeon and Veromos are usually the first two monsters of any DB10 team. They are quite popular so they will undoubtedly form your first pair since you probably use them everywhere.

The Tower Team for those learning the ropes
DB10 can be challenging as, unlike in GB10, the power for failure lies in your own hands. There are two pesky powers that you need to get out of the way first to clear an easy path to defeating the Dragon. The Left Tower provides constant damage for three turns which leaves your mons at the mercy of the Dragon whose attacks accelerates when your team is subdued by a harmful effect. The right one, on the other hand, curtails harmful effects while shielding the Dragon for 3 turns so you can’t use DOTs, ATK breaks, or DEF breaks on the boss.

Word of caution though, taking down a tower will trigger an intense counterattack by the Dragon which brings us to the third member you need on your DB10 team: a reviver. So now the composition of our teams encompasses Belladeon, Veromos (L), Damage Dealer (DD), Support and a Reviver.

Reviver choices
For your farmable mons you have an excellent option in Teon, The Light Garuda who boasts a revive skill featuring a 5-turn CD, has commendable base stats and is easy to skill up. Mike, The Water Undine is the other farmable alternative who has the benefits of glancing, heal, freeze, elemental advantage, fuse-ability although she is harder to skill up and has lower base DEF and HP stats. Other popular reviver choices that are worthy of a slot in your DB10 team include Betta, The Dark Mermaid; Iona, The light Epikion Priest; Eladriel, The Wind Archangel and Briand, The Wind Death Knight.

Support selections
Good support mons should generally have at least two of aspects such as boss debuff, team buff, heals, strip and cleanse. For your farmable options, Konamiya, The Water Garuda proves a good bet and so does Colleen, The Fire Harpu. The former pairs particularly well with a slow Vero that can’t singlehandedly cleanse DOTs and also brings the team an AOE heal. Colleen is just as good on raids as Konamiya and has the right buffs and debuffs as well.

There are a plethora of nice candidates for the support role but generally, water mons (e.g. Emma and Talc) are especially suited to the task because of their elemental advantage. Chasun is also a great support mon.

Picking out a Damage Dealer
You’ll be spoilt for choices for the DD role in your DB10 team, however, we’ve narrowed down this category to three top-notch farmable options:

Baretta, The Fire Sylph is the first name on the list which will certainly raise a few eyebrows as this mon isn’t typically a DD. However given the high DEF and high HP of towers, such DOTs prove an ingenious way to obliterate DB10 towers.

The second option is Sigmarus, The Water Phoenix who is great at undoing bosses, TOA mons, towers, reads and basically all enemies with high HPs. Theomars, The Water Ifrit rounds off our DB 10 team as a noteworthy semi-farmable option.

That’s it folks, you now have a worthy DB10 team that is more than up to the task. There are tons of other combinations you can use to great effect for this stage, but this guide offers a peak into some of the best blends.

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Top 4 Speed Leveling Tips:


  • You get more exp while grinding as a duo, rather than alone
  • AoE is required to get the most out of grinding
  • The amount of exp you get is based on the mob’s level
  • You only gain full exp from mobs that are above/below you by 5 levels, you may also miss a lot more hits


Complete level 1-50 grinding guide for Daggerfall Covenant Zones


Grinding Zones:

Glenumbra: Level 1  – 16

Stormhaven: Level 16-25

Rivenspire: Level 25-30

Alik’r Desert: Level 30 -38

Bangkorai: Level 38 -44

Cold harbor: Level 44- 50


Complete level 1-50 grinding guide for Ebonheart Zones


Grinding Zones:

Stonefalls: Level 1  – 16

Deshaan: Level 16-23

Shadowfen: Level 23-34

The Rift: Level 34-47

Cold harbor: Level 47 – 50


Complete level 1-50 grinding guide for ALDMERI DOMINION Zones


Grinding Zones:

Auridion: Level 1  – 20

Greenshade: Level 20-31

Malabal Tor: Level 31-34

Reapers March: Level 34 -44

Cold harbor: Level 44 – 50


Grinding in these zones can be a very fast way to level, but using an optimized questing guide will we MUCH faster. I would recommend ESO Mastery Guide’s best 1-50 elder scrolls online leveling guides.

I have used all their guides, they are great and I was able to level a new character up from 1-50 in about 38 hours which is crazy fast.

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