Top 4 Speed Leveling Tips:


  • You get more exp while grinding as a duo, rather than alone
  • AoE is required to get the most out of grinding
  • The amount of exp you get is based on the mob’s level
  • You only gain full exp from mobs that are above/below you by 5 levels, you may also miss a lot more hits


Complete level 1-50 grinding guide for Daggerfall Covenant Zones


Grinding Zones:

Glenumbra: Level 1  – 16

Stormhaven: Level 16-25

Rivenspire: Level 25-30

Alik’r Desert: Level 30 -38

Bangkorai: Level 38 -44

Cold harbor: Level 44- 50


Complete level 1-50 grinding guide for Ebonheart Zones


Grinding Zones:

Stonefalls: Level 1  – 16

Deshaan: Level 16-23

Shadowfen: Level 23-34

The Rift: Level 34-47

Cold harbor: Level 47 – 50


Complete level 1-50 grinding guide for ALDMERI DOMINION Zones


Grinding Zones:

Auridion: Level 1  – 20

Greenshade: Level 20-31

Malabal Tor: Level 31-34

Reapers March: Level 34 -44

Cold harbor: Level 44 – 50


Grinding in these zones can be a very fast way to level, but using an optimized questing guide will we MUCH faster. I would recommend ESO Mastery Guide’s best 1-50 elder scrolls online leveling guides.

I have used all their guides, they are great and I was able to level a new character up from 1-50 in about 38 hours which is crazy fast.

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